Hello All,
So to introduce myself i thought i would post some pictures from this past year of baking. I won’t say highlights since i am so bad about taking pictures when i’m baking, cooking, etc. I don’t have photos of the ones i would choose to highlight. But here are a few examples of my past year as a part of  Elle and Olle’s Goodies and Noms . I bake for friends and family on my own daily but last year i also started Elle and Olle’s with one of my best friends. We didn’t open a store front we simply cater and bake to order custom cakes and deserts.
    I have been working in film and TV for over 8 years now, i have always loved to cook and bake ( thanks to my grandmother),
I went to a local, independent culinary school for Chefs training and Pasty Chef training over the last few years (more about that later). I am planting my own organic vegetable garden for the first time (Yay!). And I love being a hostess, usually just to small groups of friends, but hopefully soon a large dinner party will be in the works.
So here are some things from the last couple years:
This was my first fondant cover cake back in 2010

Island Birthday Cake

This is a beach birthday cake we made for my mothers birthday in 2011.
(Non- fondant cake) 
Peppermint bark Cheesecake
(Christmas Special at Elle and Olle’s Goodies and Noms )
Sugar Flower (Gum Paste)  Practice
Pretty in Pink Cake
 – Made for my sisters 15th Birthday in 2011 as a joke. She HATES pink.
Her real cake, not as neatly made but much more her style! (Pretend you don’t see the wilton color jar)
Rose frosted cupcake
Oh another thing you should probably know about me, I am the ” anti cupcakery.”   I will only make mini cupcakes, not regular size. I don’t know why i just dislike regular size cup cakes!
Small Lady bug cake (Made just for fun)
Catering we did for a Crate and Barrel Wedding event
Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes
(These are my favorite cup cakes, Mmmm)
Fresh Spring Peach Cupcakes
And some Elle and Olle’s Cheesecake
(Cheese cake is my baking specialty, I cant get enough of it)
That’s all for now …. its time for me to go garden, and edit an odd short film shot with barbies (trust me you don’t want to know!)
– D

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