Homemade Marinara sauce

Yesterday my neighbor brought me a bunch of homegrown tomatoes, so I decided to try making Marinara (something I have never done!)


I tried a recipe from food network and gave it a shot.
I had some fresh basil from my garden and some other organic produce from the store.



First I puréed half an onion and a bunch of garlic. Chopped the other half of the onion normal. Sautéed these with olive oil until translucent.



Puréed some carrots and celery and added these to the pot




Lightly pulsed the tomatoes and basil in the food processor and added them


Lastly, I added a touch of Marcela wine, salt, and black pepper. Simmered everything on low for about an hour. About halfway through simmering I added a large can of Tomato sauce just to give it more body. ( Hopefully next time I will have enough tomatoes to not need this )



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