Temecula Olive Oil Company (not sponsored)

Yesterday I went to Murrieta to visit my family and my mom took us to visit many local stores. We went to her local feed store to see their little chicks as I am hoping she will join my new hobby of chicken keeping for eggs. Then we went into Old Town Temecula, CA to visit the the Temecula Olive Oil company. The lovely Trudy helped us and presented us with an olive oil tasting, much like a wine tasting. If you have never done this I highly recommend it! We tried many many different oils and vinegars as well as many combinations of the combined flavors. Then Trudy introduced us to their blends which could be used as marinades, dipping sauces, or salad dressings. “just dip it” was my favorite blend, I plan on buying it next time I visit!

I was so intrigued by the flavors I could not leave there without a starter box of both their oils and their vinegars. My awesome mother bought them for me since my birthday is coming up, I’m going to try to get back there soon to buy her a box of each for after her kitchen remodel.

Here’s what we bought:

Their oil set: Roasted Garlic, Blood orange, and Olivum


The Roasted Garlic olive oil is my favorite at the moment, I even cooked my eggs in a little this morning. Also I am really interested in baking with the Citrus oil.

Their vinegar set: Vanilla and Fig Balsamic, and two Balsamico Blanco’s one with Pomegranate and one with honey.

I am excited about all these too, I can’t wait to try the vanilla/fig over homemade vanilla ice cream.


PLEASE NOTE, this is all my personal opinion, the Temecula olive oil company is not compensating me nor do they even know who I am. This is NOT a sponsored post.


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