First week at Entertainment tonight and The Insider



So I just finished my first week of training on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. I don’t usually train to work on a show, but this is different than most shows I work on. The cast and crew of both shows are wonderful and I am so happy to be a part of their team, even just for a few weeks!

This feels much more like an office position than I am used but it’s a very nice break from my normal of driving different places everyday, spending all day out in the sun, and running around with my clipboard and script notes. Plus it’s really incredible to see how a daily show like this comes together everyday!

Thanks S. for hiring me!! I’m so glad to be a part of the team!

These are just random photos of the backlot. I love backlot offices that look like houses!



***** PLEASE NOTE: I have no rights to the The Insider or Entertainment Tonight logos these are property of CBS and the producers. (these are off of their websites) ******


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  1. So happy for you Danielle! Look forward to all your posted experiences working for the show. I watch those shows. I saw the office when we worked on the lot. I think it’s when we worked Baby Daddy for abc family, even though it’s CBS radford studio. Very cool! congrats!

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