Chickens, growing up


They are getting big so fast! I absolutely cannot wait for them to start laying.
Everyday I enjoy watching Lucy, Ethel, and Starla interact with each other and with our dog Echo ( especially Starla and Echo)


It’s been so hot here in Southern California that i started giving them lots of fruit, watermelon, strawberries, frozen grapes, and even tomatoes. They have run out of green grass in their run so now I’ve been giving them lettuce or letting them out to roam the yard and graze on the grass outside their run.


I would love to see your posts about your backyard flock, big or small!

Pumpkin purée from my sugar pumpkins

The pumkins have been sitting since being harvested. When I realized they were starting to go bad I knew it was time to preserve their goodness!

I cut the tops off and opened them all up, scooped the seeds out and cut the meat/rind into big chucks








After I made sure all the prices fit on the cookie sheets, I turned them over and cooked them until soft and the rind would peel of easily.


I got a ton of seeds out of them! I hope I dried them properly and they sprout, I’ve never dried seeds to plant in the future.



Back to business, after baking the pumpkin … I –
• scooped all the meat into the food processor

• pulsed until smooth

• made pumpkin streusel muffins (post to come soon!)


Homemade Garlic Aioli for Burgers

This past weekend we decided to BBQ again, relax, and do some baking! To go with the burgers we BBQ’ed Lindsey and I made a garlic parsley aioli. Super easy, here’s how!

1- Get out your food processor


2- Add fresh peeled Garlic, 1 Tb Dijon Mustard (it aids emulsification), 1 egg.


3- Pulse to start mincing the garlic.

Here’s what it looks like once pulsed.


4- Chop some parsley and have it standing by.


5- Turn on, VERY Slowly pour in your oil. Very, very, very slowly!


Once all your oil is in, it should be very creamy and thickened a bit.

6- Add salt, white pepper (if you have it), and parsley.

7- Pulse a couple times to combine



All done! ENJOY


All the burger fixings ready to go!


Now to go cook the burgers. Gotta go!
( Ground turkey with parsley, garlic, and grated cheddar cheese)


PLEASE NOTE: since this contains raw eggs, please be aware of the dangers and warnings that come with eating raw egg. Please discard any leftover, this is best eaten fresh.
You can used pasteurized eggs but they are hard to find.

Just starting growing Edamame, one of my favorites! … Thanks Soulsby farm for sharing

Two Barn Farm

When Should I pick edamame or soybeans? Harvest soybeans the moment you see the bottom leaves start to turn yellow but the rest of the plant is green. The entire plant will turn rapidly so don’t waste any time because the beans will be too tough to eat. Pick em fast (see pics below) 1 day and they can turn brown.

How do I store fresh picked edamame or soybeans? Here are some easy steps to save edamame:
1. Bring pot of water to a boil. Boil beans for 5 minutes – This stops the enzymes and maturation process.
2. Remove from water and dry with a paper towel – By drying them they won’t all be stuck together in the freezer.
3. Place beans in freezer bag and store in freezer.









Great picture taken by Studio SPC

Stop……Pepper time!



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This upside down cake from ‘Baker on the Rise’ looks so amazing! I cant wait to bake it this fall.

Baker on the Rise

I made this ten-inch lemon chiffon cake with nectarine topping and streusel filling for my family’s Labor Day BBQ. I am trying to get back in sync with my fellow TWD bakers. Summer for my family has been filled with camping trips away from my kitchen. I’ve had my fill of s’mores and I am ready for some serious baking.

You can find the recipe here at this week’s hosts: The Double Trouble Kitchen and The Little French Bakery.

In the cake world, chiffon lives somewhere between batter cakes and foam cakes. Vegetable oil is a key ingredient. While this makes for a very moist cake it is hard to beat air into oil. So a chiffon cake relies on both leavenings like baking powder and baking soda and beating egg whites until stiff and folding them into the cake batter before baking.

Without the richness of butter in the batter like…

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Labor day weekend and Sunday afternoon Chilaquiles


This weekend we didn’t go out of town, we decided to spend it here at home going out to dinner and enjoying random things the south bay has to offer.

Saturday we went to get coffee with friends, swam for a short time, then decided to go to Mulligans and play Mini Golf. Which turned out to be a lot of fun!

Here’s the guys riding the go karts.



Sunday we spent more time at home, I made pancakes for breakfast (because I wanted to use my fresh farmers market blueberries), made chilaquiles for lunch, and saw 2016 Obama’s America.

So on to the chilaquiles, I had never had chilaquiles until about 6 months ago. Now I have had it a few times and I really like it. I decided to make mine with some extra veggies i had from the farmers market.

#1 – Cut up veggies ( I used mushrooms, bell pepper, and squash)

#2 – Sauté with a little oil, season to taste. ( I used salt, pepper, garlic salt, and chili powder)



#3 – While that is sautéing, whisk eggs with a little salt and pepper and set aside.
(I love these Rhode Island Red eggs I got from the farmers market)



#4 – When the veggies are cooked to your liking remove them. (they will be added back in later)


#5 – Add a little more oil to your hot pan.

#6 – Add day old tortilla chips. Sauté for 3-5 minutes in the oil.

#7 – Add your favorite tomato sauce or salsa and cook 3-5 more minutes.



#8 – Scooch the chip mixture over in the pan…

#9 – Add your eggs. Carefully scramble.


#10 – While doing that I added a little hot sauce to the chip side.


#11 – Keep gently scrambling eggs till set.


#12 – Now that the eggs are set, mix with chips mixture.

#13 – Add the veggies back in, and mix.



#14 – Add lots of cheese and mix in.


#15 – Top with more cheese and a little fresh green onions.



#16 – Enjoy!!



How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?? Share as a comment or link up your blog post!