My Thanksgiving Table and Menu


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

For this wonderful holiday I am making dinner and my family is coming to town!

First of the menu:
(This year no turkey, yes we are weird, but my family tends to prefer ham so I’m going with that)

Ham (from trader joes)
Cornbread Stuffing (my Grandma’s recipe)
Macaroni and cheese (my Grandma’s recipe)
Corn Bread casserole (my fav! Got this recipe from a friend that made it for thanksgiving a few years back)
Homemade garlic, herb Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (of course)
Hawaiian sweet rolls
Green bean casserole (added to my thanksgiving menu last year)

Pecan pie cheesecake
Mud pie
Pecan pie

Now here is my table with two of my covered pumpkins.








I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, how ever you choose to celebrate!
I would love to hear your comments, how you spent thanksgiving, see your decor, and what you ate!


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