The incredible Rusty J


The photo above is from the music video “I Just Wanna Know” that I co-produced with Rusty J and Nicolle (another very close friend) – (you can find it on his you tube page.)

20130106-202025.jpg (Nicolle in the tree about to film, my sister with the pink hair helping us)

I first met Rusty through Nicolle, she was photographing one of his shows here in LA. She is an incredible photographer, artist, and friend. She was also the Director of Photography on the music video above. (more on her later though, this post is all Rustified!)

Since we shot the video Rusty has moved to the other side of the country, but this post was prompted by the fact he’s coming to visit soon! Yay!! On his way to his new home he filmed parts to his second video as he drove through the country, he got some incredible footage!

What I find so amazing and wonderful about Rusty is he is one of the most real and genuine people I know. The guy in the videos is the same guy you meet when you run into him. He is happy, fun, loyal, hard working, energetic, larger than life, and a truly great friend.





Here is his brand new music video “Forget Forever”! It is fantastic!

Please take a minute and look at his sites and watch his videos!
(Hopefully soon he will be guest posting!)




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