Making new throw pillows for cheap


For years I have wanted to make an eclectic bunch of throw pillows for my bed. I am finally doing it. Here’s one I made today and how I did it! My sewing skills are very poor, I haven’t sewn anything in almost 10 years. If I can do this anyone can!

I wanted to make these cheap and eclectic so I bought remnants at Jo-Ann’s for 50% off. I only bought ones that were at least 3/4 yard.

After I bought them I figured out how many pillows I could get out of each remnant and what sizes I was hoping for. So each one I cut what I could from it, some I got enough squares for an 18 inch and a 16, some only a 16 inch and a 12 inch. I just looked at how I could get the most out of each remnant and went with it.


I made this one last week but without a zipper the fourth side looked pretty terrible.



So, Lindsey sent me this link to this clutch tutorial, and I bought zippers! (Zippers don’t cost to much but i waited until I had a coupon)

I used the tutorial to add scraps (left over from another project) of bias tape (extra wide double fold) to the ends of the zipper.




Next I attached it to the first side of the pillow.



Then I attached the second pillow side. I chose to have the stripes go opposite.



After the zipper is completely attached make sure it’s inside out, pin, and sew the other sides as you normally would.
(I kept the zipper open for this step)
Sew one side at a time until all sides are done.






Flip it right side out.
Add pillow form.
And zip!






The ways I kept this project at a lower cost were:
*Buying remnants (which were 50% off)
*Using scraps of bias tape (or scrap fabric folded like bias tape)
*Only buying a 2 neutral color threads, (It personally doesn’t bother me if the thread on the 4th side shows, as long as it doesn’t completely clash)
*Buying the pillow forms on sale or with a coupon, this is by far the most expensive part!
You could recover outdated pillows or use a cheaper batting material also.

That’s all and now you have a new pillow for your home! I will post others as I make them.




20130109-181808.jpg(The one with the writing I bought! The rest I made)

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