Love this quote

“A woman’s heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek Him in order to find her.”
Author: Unknown


I love this quote I just found, it is so true and so close to everything God has been showing me this week.

Just wanted to share with all my lovely friends/followers 🙂

Good Night All

Great post from The Sugarlump

Good tips for safe shooting. I love seeing women that enjoy shooting and want to be trained and responsible!

The Sugarlump

I’m really getting into this recreational shooting thing.  The other day, I went to an indoor shooting range where we shot 9mm handguns.  The guy told me which particular type of gun I was shooting, but I promptly forgot because I don’t know anything about guns except that they are fun to shoot (safely).

I did, however, remember what I learned in class before we went out to the range:

1) Always keep the gun pointed towards the target in the range (and away from living beings).

2) Don’t load the gun until you’re ready to shoot.

3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.


Once we got out into the range, we had to select a target.  We had our choice of pink or blue.  Naturally, I chose hot pink to make up for my tomboy years in middle school when I shopped exclusively…

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Car trash bag

Lindsey saw that I needed a trash bag in my car and made me one, she rocks! Here is her post about making it.


After she gave it to me I set out to make the cardboard insert for it.

I took a cardboard box and started cutting it up to fit.




Next I taped it together (I’m wasn’t very careful to keep my tape neat)




Last I put a bag in the insert and put the insert in the bag.



I stashed two extra bags in the sides and put it in the car.



Thanks Lindsey!!! I love it 🙂

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