Easy Super soft blankets


Lindsey and I went to Joann’s not long before Christmas and I saw this fabric, I couldn’t leave the store without it. So soft and cuddly. So I decided to make one for my sister (and myself). After my mom saw it she asked me to make her one as well. This is what I spent Friday doing.

What you need:

2 yards of a fleece or super soft blanket fabric
4 packs of bias tape. (Extra wide double fold)
Matching thread


#1 – open the bias tape and pin along 1 edge.
#2 – sew along the first fold line.



#3 – fold over and pin again.
#4 – sew along the edge of folded side.




# 5 – repeat this for the remaining three sides ( for the corners I just trim and fold it over so there’s no exposed edge and however it looks best)

This is what the binding looks like after both sides are done



Once you’ve done all 4 sides that’s it, you now have an awesome, new, cuddly blanket 🙂



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