Who doesn’t love flan?

Flan, who doesn’t love flan. It’s basically a custard like creme brûlée but with a caramelized sugar in the bottom instead of caramelized, brûléed sugar on the top.


Mmm oh my goodness I cannot get enough of the crazy vanilla in these custards… Just look at the yummy vanilla beans all over!

So start with the Basic Creme Brûlée recipe I posted a couple weeks ago.

But here is the difference!

First butter your ramekins!
(Important for flan, we don’t do this for creme brûlée)

Get a small pan out, add:

3/4 C Sugar
1 TBSP Corn Syrup (organic if possible)
1 Oz water

(The corn syrup helps keep the sugar from re-crystallizing, a total lifesaver unless you are really experienced with sugar work)

Cook this over med/high heat until medium amber color, stirring gently. (and very carefully, molten sugar can burn you badly. I’ve learned from experience!)

As soon as you reach a medium amber remove from stove, it will continue darkening!



20130114-140139.jpgMine actually got a little too dark!

Now (carefully) pour a little into each buttered ramekin.

Set aside while you make the custard.



I’m not going to go through the custard part again since its here!
(If you have ANY questions please ask in the comments!)

Ok, when your custard is all ready, poor it on top of the hardened caramel in your ramekins.


BAKE in a water bath until it moves like jello when you tap it.

Chill in the fridge until completely set and cool.

TO SERVE you need to warm the bottom of the ramekin then turn out onto a plate. – to do this, I set a low wide sauce pan with a little water on the stove, set the ramekins in. After 5-8 minutes it should be warm enough.

Run a thin knife around the edge and turn out onto a plate! (If it doesn’t turn out continue heating for 2-5 more minutes)





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