Randomness ….

Saturday was a really random day.

I started out early at my favorite coffee shop with friends.


Picked my roommate up and went to our local shooting range for about an hour in honor of Gun appreciation day. (This isn’t me, obviously haha)

I’m not the best shot but I got one in the bullseye. (i need practice)


Then we picked Lindsey up and went to Rocharin. This is the absolute best Thai in the city and for a few months now we make a point to go EVERY Saturday.




Next Lindsey and I dropped my roommate off a headed to the Fashion district in downtown Los Angeles! Oh my goodness! I had been here to film before but I had never walked around here just to shop. Dangerous for your pocketbook!

Our favorite place was Michael Levine, (these photos are off their yelp page) This is their main store but I adore their home fabric shop across the street! Oh my goodness!



This is just one of my favorite Internet finds, I feel bad I cannot remember how I found it but this is a beautiful thing to remember! This is the background on my phone I love it so much.


So thankful for this day out it was wonderful and blessed 🙂
What did you do this weekend?? I would love to hear, did you go out, stay in, relax, work out, clean out your chicken coop (I need to do that) ?

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  1. Beautiful random day! Yesterday Rick and I went to his parent’s church, California Community Church in Agoura Hills. Meets at the Sheratin. The worship was great, the message by Pastor Brad Johnson was one of those messages that if you only had one to hear this was it. “Why Good Things Happen To Bad People” based on Job 21:17 “Why do the wicked prosper” You can find it on the church’s web page. CaliforniaCommunityChurch.com

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