Rusty J Music Video Day 2!

First off thank you all so much!!!! We just broke 1000 page views!


So Rusty J music video day 2!

We started our Saturday meeting good friends for coffee.

Then filmed some secret video goodies




Then we met back up with Rusty’s awesome cinematographer (& one of my best friends) Nicolle and shot some more incredible footage! Here’s a sneak peek (shhh don’t tell Rusty I showed you these!) 😉



After that we got a much needed chance to relax.

Later Rusty J and I made dinner and shot a new episode of Rusty J’s “Lets Cook Something Good” We made my “Tuesday night” Tacos and Spanish Rice!

We ended the night around the fire pit with incredible people. We had Rusty J , Nicolle, Sierra (pictured above), James, Riley, Hannah, Jimmy, Nick, Lindsey , and Heather.

I have a drawer full of old scripts that needed to be shredded (cannot throw these away) so we tossed them in the fire pit


See you tomorrow! Have a great Sunday!!

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