Rusty J Music Video day 4!

Here’s to another awesome day!!
Life is good, God is great 🙂

So we started off slow this morning, relaxing at the house together. I made up some scrambled eggs & home fried potatoes.

We headed on a couple errands, went to Malaga Cove (great views), by the Redondo Beach pier again, then met up with Nicolle and Nick to shoot!


This is Rusty J and Tom talking in The Sunshine Kite Company on the Redondo pier. (Also check out the video)



Later everyone came with us to shoot some awesome secret music video stuff, I really wish I could share but I promised not to!

Then dinner! I was going to cook up some chicken but instead we headed to one of my favorite places in Old Town Torrance, La Capillia


Here’s all of us earlier today in Malaga cove!

20130128-211632.jpgNicolle, Rusty J, Sierra, and I

Nick, Nicolle, Rusty J, Sierra

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  1. Enjoying the pictures! I have been to that restaurant! I hear much about it! It is very good! There’s a nice couple here in San Pedro that just opened up their restaurant in a very cool place, it’s the street level of the 8th St. Lofts building. Food’s good! Calle Ocho, they have a nice $5.75 lunch menu. so far from this menu i loved my carnitas tostada!! with beans and rice. I will be going there next week, I need to remember to take a picture of the plate before I dive in…literally!!
    God bless!

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