Chickens helping in the garden


Yesterday the I let the girls out in the garden with me for a while, they scratched up my garden beds all over the yard. Luckily this was a good thing for me as I have really been needing to do this! I saw them doing all this and it prompted me to finally clean out the dead pumpkin vines all over.




Now this planter is all prepared for spring veggies I’m starting seed for!

We also moved their coop today at my friends prompting. It really needed to be done, they had mounded everything so bad they were running out of space!



We put them up in the coop to do this since Echo was in the yard, I don’t think they were very pleased until they came out and saw their new space that still has some grass in it πŸ™‚


After all this I flattened out the mess and tried to spread it around since its hopefully going to be great fertilizer.

How do you handle the mess from your coop? Do you spread it around the yard, compost it, or throw it away?

That’s all for today but I will leave you with a few other photos from their roaming today.









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  1. Hi! New reader here. We composted our chicken droppings and used bedding when we had hens. Does your city issue compost bins? Ours does, so it makes life pretty easy. We also have a compost pile in our backyard (the city issued bin gets the overflow) because composted chicken manure is fabulous fertilizer. If you have more than you can use, post it on craigslist – that stuff is too good to throw away. Just be sure to use composted manure in your garden – fresh manure is too strong and will burn your plants. Your girls look pretty happy digging in the garden. Happy gardening!

    • Hi! I’m so glad to have you here πŸ™‚ My city doesn’t compost but I am starting a compost pile, guess I should really start now! Thank you for the info, I didn’t realize it would burn the plants if I spread it without composting. Thanks for reading!

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