Chickens: How to stop egg breaking


Earlier this week my girls started breaking and eating their eggs! Totally gross and very frustrating as I am so glad to finally be getting 3 eggs a day!

I started looking on Backyard Chickens and Wikihow

I cleaned them up right away, then decided to start trying some of the solutions I found.

• My girls tend to pull all their straw out of their boxes so I put more since as you see above there was none.
This helped a lot! I got all three eggs this morning!


• It could also be a lack of calcium, even though they have access to oyster shell. So I have given them more yogurt which they love and spread some oyster shell around where they scratch.

• I’ve had golf balls in the nesting boxes like recommended (I had put them in a while back to teach them where to lay)
Since the golf balls are so different from their eggs they don’t peck at them like they do their eggs, I had to come up with a more realistic fake egg. So that when they peck they are detoured by the hardness.
Lindsey found these awesome wooden eggs at Joann’s and she painted them the light peach/tan that is perfect!!
I am going to add these to the coop as soon as they’re dry!




• My last resort is one thing off Wikihow – to put mustard in an egg, they recommend in one they ate but I got plastic Easter eggs and if needed will put the mustard in there! Then if they peck enough to get it open they will get mustard and hopefully will hate it enough to stop for good!

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