White chicken chili

Yesterday was great, finally the house was completely empty and quiet, and that gave me a chance to clean all the dust bunnies, soap scum, and dishes that have been building up all week.

I took a magic eraser (these are priceless) to my shower, scrubbed the bathroom, and did a huge load of dishes. I love how productive a cleaning day can be.

The chickens got a few hours of yard time and Echo go some play time around the yard too.

I even got the coffee table back from my roommates tv


In the evening I finally headed to the gym, I have been wanting to start working out regularly for ages, I miss it! So I finally went and now I remember why I love going, you just feel so great and have so much energy after a good work out 🙂

After the gym I really wanted protein, just come good chicken with very little carbs, enter White Chicken Chili! I love Carrol Shelbys chili seasoning and a while back I noticed there was a new mix for chicken white chili so I grabbed it and its been in my pantry waiting for me to finally try it.



White Chicken Chili

1 to 2 Lbs Chicken Breast (cut to 1/2 in pieces)

1/2 Onion (diced)
3-4 C Water

Box of seasoning from Carrol Shelby

• Chop up your chicken and add it to a big pan with a little oil.




• Chop onion and add it to the browning chicken.



• Season with salt, pepper, & Garlic



• Add the water, seasoning packet, the jalapeño/pepper packet, & the masa packet





• Cook 15 minutes covered then 15 minutes uncovered.



Super tasty!

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