Back to the gym + awesome Fitness Apps


Surprisingly I actually love working out, I’m just really bad at being in the habit of doing it! Since work is slow and my taxes are done I decided to make it a priority again! Hopefully this time a life change rather than temporary. A few years ago I went almost 5 days a week no matter what hours I was working. One month I lost 30 pounds, doing kick boxing 5 days a week and yoga up to 3 times a week, that was a lot of time at the gym!


Lately I’ve been missing strength training and the elliptical so I went. I have a lifetime membership to 24 hour fitness, somehow when I was 17 they had this awesome deal going and I jumped on it, I’m so thankful now for that decision.



In the past 5 days I have gone to the gym twice, done Turbo Kickboxing with Lindsey, and taken the dog for a walk which I talked Lindsey into as well. So workouts 4 out of 5 days, not too shabby. Now I have to decide what to do today, Turbo Jam (kick boxing) at home, P90X yoga at home, a long walk with Echo (if it stops raining), or a trip to the gym.

Also I wanted to share with you some of the awesome apps I am using to track everything!


“Map my walk” tracks how far we go and announces when we’ve reached 1 mile, etc. The one I’m using is the free version of the app.




Then there’s “My Fitness Pal”, this one is my favorite. I have friends that use this one, I can see how they are doing and they can see how I am doing.


In it I track my food and exercise for the day.

20130208-135225.jpg(iPad app)

20130208-135420.jpg (iPhone app)

I can add recipes to it so I know the calorie count per serving and save it for the future.


It also scans barcodes so you don’t have to enter everything! See:



Next, “Moves”, Lindsey showed me this app. It stays in the background all day tracking how much you’ve walked, cycled, & ran that day. Kinda awesome.



Hopefully that will be near 10,000 at the end of everyday. That’s a great goal. So far I’ve been at home cleaning and handling a lot with my phone on the counter so I’ve only hit 3,000 in a day. But I work tomorrow so it should be way higher!

That’s all for now!

What is your workout regimen? What apps do you use? What motivates you? What’s your favorite way to exercise and stay fit?

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