Weekend ramblings…

This weekend was full of friends and cleaning.

Saturday Nicolle came over and we got started editing Rusty J’s next music video!!

20130211-234315.jpg ( I can’t tell you anymore about that, I’ve been sworn to secrecy, shh this is between us 😉

Sunday after church, Riley (my roommate) and I deep cleaned our floors, the kitchen got the most TLC, it looks so nice now!





Saturday – Thai with Lindsey and Riley!
Since I am trying to track calories more lately, I decided to try their incredible Garlic Salmon with sautéed spinach, yum! 20130211-233253.jpg Ooh but when you try this place you should try this…20130211-233445.jpg Ice cream surrounded by cake batter and coconut, then fried, it’s incredible! (I was good this weekend, Riley ate it)

Then I had the silly puppy that thinks my face should be her pillow…. 20130211-233716.jpg



Baking the Snickerdoodles posted yesterday!


Plus there’s always silly little chickens around


What did you do this weekend ? Was it nice and relaxing, or busy busy? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Love your day! That Salmon looks so good! Your puppy so cute! Love the picture of you two! Rick and I celebrated our 36th!! Wedding anniversary at Disneyland yesterday and today! wore our little Happy Anniversary Buttons all day and got anniversary wishes all throughout the Land!! Fun! We ate at Cheesecake Factory with a gift card from the boys some Christmas, I think year before last, and had Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp, my most favorite meal ever! I get it every time I go there (last time was with SBFA board wishing me so long!!) It has a Thai twist to it, a creamy sauce with coconut, ginger. I ordered it with brown rice, soooo good! mmmm….

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