High Protein Breakfast

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I hope everyone has a beautiful day!

Last night I cooked up some ground turkey I love the stuff! That morning I had gone to Costco (almost completely ran out of TP, not good), and when I’m there I try to pick up ground turkey. It’s cheaper there, At the store it’s usually $4.50 – 5.50 for 1.25 Lbs, at Costco it comes in a 4 pack for $15-17. I bought two 4 packs, so 10 pounds. I really do love ground turkey as you can tell.

After I cooked it up with simple seasoning, I separated it into 4 oz servings as its 160 calories for 4 oz.

Here’s my breakfast using the left over ground turkey.

• Grab 1 or 2 Eggs, (I used two)

• Start scrambling them over low heat20130214-011406.jpg

Once it’s mostly cooked,

• Add 4 oz ground turkey. and stir it in.20130214-011427.jpg20130214-011436.jpg

• Next I added 1/4 Jasmine Rice that was leftover as well. 20130214-011638.jpg20130214-011649.jpg

• Season to taste. ( I used minimal since my rice and turkey were already seasoned)

• Once everything is warmed through, plate, and enjoy!! I also sprinkled a little dil on top after playing. 20130214-011824.jpg20130214-011833.jpg

This breakfast is great, 380 calories, 35.5g Protein, 17.5 g Carbs! 20130214-012740.jpg The only thing bad is the 17 g fat. Though egg whites would take that down to, 8 g fat and 290 calories!

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast?

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