Weekend Rambling

Here’s to another nice weekend.

Saturday included working on a book I’m starting to write with a friend….

Then what turned into redneck style backyard target practice with a tiny BB gun. (My roommate dreamt this up since I wouldn’t let him shoot bb’s in the yard without a way to catch them all)- (yes it’s PVC and a fitted sheet… It worked surprisingly well.)


Rocharin for our weekly Thai food (of course)…



While we were there Jack, the awesome owner showed us this new thing Kuapay, so we tried it!



Hoohkah (where Lindsey and I go to chill and blog), and crazy roommates.

I also sent my rough cut of Rusty J‘s music video to him!! I cannot wait to hear his thoughts and see the tweaks he’s going to make.



Sunday included church…


More book writing… then group car washing with Riley and my favorite neighbor James…

Echo was “helping” with the car wash.


Then Korean BBQ with Riley and Hannah! (Thank you for dinner Hannah!)

And of course like everyday a little time spent checking on the girls & collecting eggs.



Also check out:

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Sister site: Craft Making and Drag Racing

Lindsey’s Jewelry: Hard Wear by Lindsey (Awesome stuff)

Rustified.com – Lifestyle Inspirations from a Renaissance Man (I love his blog- 365 page book for this year, recipes, & daily inspirations)

Rusty J’s Music Site


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