Visiting Mom and the family

Yesterday I went out to my Mom’s house, to see her and the family! Also to help with her raised beds. I didn’t get quite as far as I hoped but we got most of it done.

A couple years ago my family bought 5 acres in a equestrian neighborhood in southern California about an hour from where I live. I love her area, so pretty. These are all from the drive in.



You can see a little of the damage from a brush fire that moved thought the area last fall.





These are from her property.




And these are the neighbors horses.


When I got there my sister and I got to work on the beds my dad started over the weekend.

We added chicken wire to the bottom of the second one (Dad had done the first)


After that we stapled a weed blocking fabric over the wire. (Sorry I didn’t get pics, but I will when I go back) after that I started trying cover Ideas (which I will cover in another post).

It was a gorgeous day to get some sun and work in the fresh air. Plus I got to spend time with the fam! And so did Echo!!





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2 responses

  1. please say hi to your mom and dad for me! I enjoyed my conversations with your mom! Love the land, so beautiful! I’m still trying to figure out where to plant the vegs once the seedlings start getting bigger. Which I haven’t seen a one yet and have more to start. I thought about raised beds. Don’t look to hard to make. Chicken wire on the bottom helps from encouraging bugs?

    • Hi Cindy!

      I will say hi to them for you!

      Oh I can’t wait to see photos! Raised beds are simple to make, honestly my plants that went into in ground beds have done better, I have realized that my raised beds need to be deeper. So I am doubling their height and added a lot more dirt. You don’t need wire on the bottom of yours really just weed blocking fabric. That is how mine are. For mom they needed the weed block, as she has gophers and ground squirrels that would come up from underneath and eat everything. We making chicken wire covers for hers as well.

      I love your comments and questions! Thank you so much!

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