Nutella croissants and wontons


The other day Lindsey and I needed (yes needed not wanted, lol) something nommy, baked, and filled with Nutella. Luckily Lindsey had a pack of refrigerator crescents in my fridge. It was a perfect marriage, Nutella filled crescents, yummmm!


Lindsey rolled them out, spread them with lots of Nutella, rolled them up, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

They came out awesome, warm, buttery, Nutella-y, and perfectly satisfying.




Meanwhile we also wanted to see if you could bake wontons in the oven, to save the calories of frying.





These were very tasty and worked well but definitely not as incredible as frying. They were great fresh out of the oven but far too chewy once they had cooled.

Both totally satisfied our need for Nutella.

What have you been making this week?

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