Celebrity chef and a favorite quick Lunch

Yesterday I got to meet Celebrity Chef Susan Feniger. She was on Top Chef Masters, had a Food Network Show, and has multiple restaurants here in LA and all over. She was in a scene for a show I was working on. I got to speak with her about her newest restaurant Street. Which I hope to go eat at soon!
Photo is not mine, it can be found here.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite lunches (or dinners) when I have a quiet day at home. It might seem a bit odd but I love ground turkey so it works for me.

Pesto Pasta with Ground Turkey

(You can always make this with grilled chicken breast instead! Which I’ve done in the past)

• Boil water for your pasta. I used bow tie but use your favorite!

• Cook pasta till al Dente and drain.

• Meanwhile brown your ground turkey.

• Season with salt,
Pepper, and garlic.



• Warm up you favorite pesto. (Usually (like today) I have some that i made in my freezer, but you can use a jar or a sauce powder packet.)

• Once your pesto is ready add some heavy cream to it. Base the amount on how you like it balanced.



• When everything is ready, I just mix it all together. (But you can always just add the pesto to the pasta and keep your meat separate!)





I don’t know why I love this so much but I do! Especially if I haven’t had pasta in a while.

What are your favorite meals for a quiet day at home?

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