Warner Bros Studio

Today I got to work on one of my favorite shows and they were shooting at Warner Bros Studio Lot. I love this cast and crew (I’m not going to say which show, just that I’ve talked about it before and they do not usually shoot at WB.) Before today I had never filmed at WB before. I had been there once for a screening but that was all.

20130311-235558.jpgTaken by my friendTyler today at work.

I love this lot, I mean Friends shot there (my all time favorite show)!!



It was also the Main Street from Gilmore Girls and many famous TV shows and movies.

You can read all about Warner Brothers’ company history.

From their website:

The Warner Bros. Lot:
Physical production facilities on the historic 110-acre lot include 29 soundstages (including one of the tallest in the world that also has an in-ground tank with a two million gallon capacity), plus a 20 acre backlot that can double as almost anywhere, be it a jungle in the rainforest, Mainstreet USA or a bustling metropolitan city.Source.



20130311-232941.jpgSource This looks like one of the houses in “Warner Village” that I walked through today.


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