Sticky Chocolate Brownies



I know I just posted about weight loss and fitness but Lindsey and I decided again that we needed chocolate, yes again needed, (haha). So instead of just eating Nutella or chocolate chips I remembered this brownie recipe that i made and the past that was also pretty quick.
From this book:

20130313-221734.jpg that I got in a bargain bin years ago.

So here it is:

Sticky Chocolate Brownies

• Grab a small sauce pan and add: 1 TBSP Light Corn Syrup, 3 oz. Butter, 3/4C. Superfine Sugar, 1/2C Brown Sugar, and 4 1/2 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate .


20130313-222238.jpg (I would highly recommend cutting your butter into small pieces. I should have)

20130313-222354.jpg(I didn’t have superfine sugar so I used regular but the consistency is better with superfine.)

20130313-222404.jpg (I used more chocolate then recommended, I added some mini choc chips, some white, and 2 squares super dark)

• Heat gently until combined well.



• Cool your chocolate mixture after its ready.

• Meanwhile, add 2 eggs, and 1 tsp. Vanilla extract to a mixing bowl and whisk.



• Slowly mix the chocolate mixture into the eggs. And add 3/4C Flour.



• Pour into a well greased cake pan and bake for 25 minutes @ 350.



As the book says….

20130313-232339.jpg “it will still be quite stodgy and soft to the touch.”




It is super gooey, rich, sticky, chocolatey, moist, and amazing!

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