Catching Up and Raised Bed Covers

Sorry everyone for disappearing the last couple days been pretty crazy!

Saturday I worked on this awesome new AT&T commercial that you all are going to love, I’ll post photos once it’s airing in a couple weeks!

Sunday was spent catching up on everything and getting ready for the week. Lindsey and I also had some fun. We tried this bakery in our area that we had never been to!



Went to Crafted, which is always awesome! Check them out if you are ever in San Pedro (they are only open Fri-Sun)




Then to Honey Boba! Oh my goodness I’m now in love with this place! It’s the best boba I have ever had. Seriously



Monday I got to work at Entertainment Tonight which is awesome I haven’t been there in a little while.

Then Tuesday I got rush called into Entertainment Tonight Because someone was sick and Lindsey had to go with me! Lindsay had spent the night here because Tuesday we were going to go out to my mom’s house and work on her raised beds some more. So after i got off Entertainment Tonight Lindsey and I went out to Mom’s, here’s what we did.
We finished building the covers for her raised beds and helped plant her tomatoes! Very fun. Sorry there aren’t more photos it was already dark when we started doing this. 20130320-222535.jpg It was a pretty long day, but fun. Plus I got to see Mom and one of my awesome Sisters 🙂

Wednesday was spent catching up on everything again, you know doing laundry and all that stuff, like oil changes and errands. Oh and more Honey boba, I actually had that instead of coffee this morning, which is completely unheard of for me!
Also Wedn I did make my Easter Wreath Wednesday, I will post that tomorrow!


That’s all for now! Tomorrow I will post the wreath and Saturday my morning egg muffins!



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4 responses

  1. Love Crafted! That baby sculpture with the toys reminds me of the San Pedro fish sculpture that has fishing nets, etc. in it. Wonder if the same artist? I will have to check it out! Have a great day!

  2. Thank you and Lindsey so much for coming out and helping me! I just watered all my little plants, not sure the lettuce is gonna make it. 😦 But the squash and cukes are looking perky.

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