Easter follow up

Easter was great, beautiful morning at church with the family. Pastor Henry and Dan baptized me, many people stayed to watch the baptisms. We had 9 people at the late service all being baptized it was an incredible experience.




Then I came home and before I could start dinner I took poor Echo to the vet.

She had a bordatella shot last week and it seems like she has kennel cough symptoms now 😦 Luckly the new vet I found is amazing and wonderful, they were open Easter Sunday and only charged their regular price. The vet and staff were so sweet and attentive, and they even called the next day to see how she was doing. I’m so thankful to have found them, and Exho seems to be doing much better.

After all that I finally got to making Easter dinner! I didn’t get many photos but we had:

Spiral Ham glazed in Brown sugar and Pineapple
Mac & Cheese


Gluten Free Mac & Cheese








Sautéed Red potatoes



After Dinner, we waited for the food coma to pass and celebrated my Sister’s and James’ Birthdays





Plus I got to see moms little dogs that I don’t get to see often anymore! That’s Noni and Cooper. I didn’t get a pic of Coco but she’s a tiny Maltese that is my dads little girl.




How was your Easter weekend? Did you celebrate ? Cook? See family ?

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5 responses

  1. Congratulations again! Love the pics, seeing your mom, she looks great! Like your sister! Good to see familiar faces from SBFA, Dan and Henry! What Vet did you take Echo to? We go to All Pets on Western. It’s a bit on the high side I was told but we’ve been going there for years with our other dog that got old and died, Susie 😦 and they were so great! Now they are great to our 2 chihuahuas Sparky and Nala. God bless your day!

  2. Danny, Back in the day, (1941) when I had just turned 8 years old, June,2, 1941… my dad and mom bought a chicken ranch on 3 acres of leased land from the city of San Pedro. (Which was located rightwhere the Harbor fwy comes down over the hill passing the new police station.) We had all kinds ofother animals; goats, a milk cow, turkeys for family use, pigs four or five a year, and my brother raisedan sold rabbits, I had dog named shep, (Because he was a mid-sized Sheppard-mix) My Grampa was alive and he was the same age I am now, (78)… He taught me, how to mik the cow andthe goats, and all the other tasks of running the ranch… The thing that has always stayed with me is that out of all the chickens we had on the ranch there was just this one pullet, that he called Anne andshe followed grampa every where while he was doing chores all around the ranch. We, had a very nice Easter Dinner with friends at their house. Vince did not go this year as he was notfeeling well, but we brought him some dinner home… I enjoy your post and your pictures… Hope yourpuppy this doing well… Love GP. Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 12:47:46 +0000 To: lgile1@msn.com

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