A little more Rambling

Yesterday while I was working at Bones I found a couple foods I really want to make. Of course I immediately texted them to Lindsey! I found this zucchini gratin on Instagram 20130404-004732.jpg20130404-004739.jpg20130404-004744.jpg

Then these awesome little muffins 20130404-004838.jpg20130404-004901.jpg20130404-004906.jpg

And for 2nd meal….(the meal we have about 12 hours into work). We had these amazing braised Short Ribs with some mashed potatoes and corn. They were so good I decided I REALLY need to try making them! So I found this recipe online http://m.foodandwine.com/recipes/braised-short-ribs
I will let you know when I try them! Have you made short ribs? What tips would you give me

That’s all for now, but as I write this its 1:15am I just got home from work and for some reason my chickens are awake. They always put themselves to bed at sunset and I just close the door from the coop into the run when I get home. But tonight they are all up and wandering around. I have no idea why…. Maybe they think its morning since some days they get up with me before dawn (when I work early). It’s time to skedaddle them into their coop so I can go to bed. Since its night time I’m not taking any chicken pics but here’s some from last weekend when Starla decided to push her luck with the house boundaries, lol.





I waited to see if she’d actually do it then shoooed her out

Crazy chickens…

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