Busy day off

That is definitely my favorite photo from yesterday!

Yesterday I was all over the place as usual, luckily my sister Sierra has been in town and I’ve gotten to spend some awesome time with her around working. And of course we dragged Lindsey in as well!

Back to the day, after working late the night before I slept a bit later than usual then jumped up got my coffee with Echo in tow. Came home got Sisi (Sierra) went and got her phone repaired. Came home again, cleaned a bunch, gave the girls a ton of lettuce from the garden

Had a painter out for an estimate, took Echo to Camp Run-A-Mutt for daycare,

Then headed to get Lindsey and got Boba!


After running a few more places we headed back to the house again, i started working up a cost calculation for our “Echo’s Friend’s Cookies” while Lindsey worked on these amazing and incredible rock veggie markers for my garden!!





Then Sisi showed back up with her awesome friends in tow and decided to attempt to eat 100 chicken mc-nuggets (not a thing I condone but slightly entertaining none the less).



Later we all went to pick Echo up from Camp Run-A-Mutt that’s when this happened haha


After, the teens had all their bikes out so Lindsey and I took Echo out to see how she would do walking along side us on bikes




When I took Echo to Camp Run-A-Mutt for daycare the awesome manager Julie told me that the treats we took over “Echo’s Friend’s Cookies” went over great and asked when we wanted to bring more in! So after all that bike riding Lindsey and I set off to make more! Here’s some photos ( I will cover them in more detail soon)








Oh and again tonight my hen Starla did not put herself to bed, I have no idea what’s wrong or what’s bothering her, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to figure it out after further investigation. have you have had a chicken act the way? Not wanting to go to bed in the coop suddenly after almost a year of doing so everyday.

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  1. Hi Danny, Your Starla may be twitter-pated! SHE MIGHT JUST BE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO MAKE HER NEW HOME (NEST), AND LOOKING FOR MR. RIGHT TO COME INTO HER LIFE…All gods creatures large and small go thur this stage of life… Love GPa Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 12:02:54 +0000 To: lgile1@msn.com

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