Busy week!

Hi all!

Haven’t gotten to post lately life has been so crazy! All week I have been working at OMG! Insider and have been baking some awesome treats for Echo’s Friends’ Cookies!!

Echo got to play tug of war for real finally with an awesome pup Charlie at the dog park.


Lindsey and I made a new treat Beefy Donuts!



I’ve also been looking for a new roommate which has been a bit more time consuming than expected. Hopefully we can find the right person soon.

Last night I also made lunch for the next two days at work, Lindsey and her mom had given me this pot of condensed stock:

20130417-222820.jpg Shes been making roasts and chicken with it recently, so good!

So I made some ground turkey, spinach and rice using this condensed stock.

First I cooked up the turkey meat on the stove with organic Worcester sauce.


The put 2 bags of rice melody (from trader joes) in the microwave.


Once the meat was cooked up I added the condensed stock and organic frozen spinach, and cooked it until the spinach was warmed through.

Last I added the cooked rice and stirred it well.



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