New veggie garden plants! Yay spring!!

Yesterday after work I got a wild hair to go to Armstrong garden center and get some new plants for my veggie garden. My seeds I started probably… a month ago got very beat up by unusually strong Southern California winds last week, the green house tumbled twice, (my bad for not securing it better from the wind) and my poor seedlings the ones I tried to salvage are barely surviving. I will still plant them and hope they make it but I also wait some new ones today!



Armstrongs is my only local place I knew should have some organic veggies and oh boy did they! I got way more than I planned.

I got:
3 kinds of tomatoes
2 bell peppers
4 kinds of lettuce (the chickens will love this)
Yellow squash
Purple carrots (I’m so excited about these)
Snap beans
3 kinds of strawberries!

I got part of them in the ground last night and hopefully the rest in the next day or two.

Last week I also got some organic red potatoes and planted them in this awesome faux whiskey barrel!


Now I can use this amazing garden marker rocks Lindsey made for me!!


She even made me three new ones last night when she saw what I bought, hehe I’m a happy girl.





I still cannot get over the detail in them! Especially the bell pepper, wow. Thanks Lindsey!!

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  1. Oh darn! I should’ve asked you if you need any plants, I have lots of yellow pear tomatoes (mini) that I need to give away. And cherry tomatoes too. I have lots of spinach too that needs to be planted. I’ve got my garden underway and I’m impressed!! Because this has been an “experiment” , first time garden! But need to see the yield then I will know for sure how successful! If you still want any of these plants when your nearby let me know! Have a blessed day! An Echo too!

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