Garden Party with mom


This past weekend I went to a “Garden party” with my mom. Her neighborhood hosts this every year, it’s basically 5 large properties with incredible gardens. You start at one house to get your wrist band and drive to the other properties and have a self guided tour. They have vendors, a beer garden, musicians, and various gardening seminars. We got our wristbands and headed to the property with a huge organic garden 20130429-200128.jpg
At this property there was a seminar on organic gardening that we stayed for, it was wonderful. It was held next the their incredible pond full of giant catfish and turtles 20130429-200413.jpg
Plus i was able to buy an organic raspberry plant while there, theymhave a wonderful little farm stand. 20130429-200256.jpg



They also make and sell these incredible raised beds (thats the farm stand in the background) 20130429-200739.jpg

Next we went to a property with different themed gardens: cactus & agave, iris, deer grass, Moroccan, faux arroyo seco, zen, and vegtable. This property had beautifully done stone work all over.










The third property we went to had an heirloom tomato garden, huge artichoke plants, a hydroponics set up, and cute little signs with verses all throughout their gardens. 20130429-201936.jpg







The last property we went to was the most stunning, they participated last year as well. They have a massive pool with incredible bridges, a wake boarding system, ramps and beach entrances. They also have a putting green (pool side), terraced fountains all over, multiple fire pits, an outdoor movie theatre, water slides, and a gymnasium with an indoor heated lap pool (the local high school uses this for their swim team). 20130429-202708.jpg








It was a wonderful day! Thanks Mom!!

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2 responses

  1. Love this! thanks for sharing! I’m envious of the Broccoli! Mine are still little sprouts? Maybe I need to feed them? Or do they just take long? Have you been to the point fermin Light house? They have a garden in their “back yard”. Small, but nice. They have nice broccoli too! Take care!

    • Isn’t that incredible, I couldn’t believe how big they were! They used alot of organic Diatanacious earth to help keep pests away. It’s incredible stuff.

      They do take some time to get past sprouts… Feeding them a diluted organic fertilizer isn’t a bad idea you just have to be careful not to over do it, a little at a time over the course of a few weeks. I lost my seedlings because I got so busy, so I just bought the plants already started from Armstrongs. I will give them a week in the ground then start feeding them.

      Oh I haven’t seen that ill have to go by there and check it out! 🙂

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