New roost for the coop


I had a bunch of scrap wood left over from the fence making and randomly decided to build a new roost for my coop.

My girls didn’t have a proper roost when they were young so they didn’t quite get the concept right away, now two of them tend to sleep on it, though if Starla’s mad she still sleeps on the floor of the coop. Lucy has always slept in the nesting box, Ethel used to sleep in the box with Lucy ( yes, the same box, it was very crowded) but now she finally roosts every night. Not that you really needed to know all that but there you have it!

So here’s what I built, we’ll see if they actually use it!

I took a bit of the scrap and cut all my pieces.


Built the base frame. 18 x 11.5 …. I may have proportioned it weird….


I added the risers, 3 in, 4.5in, & 6in.



Then added 1×2 to the top of the risers.



We’ll see if they actually use it.

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