Hello! Thank you for stopping by to see what Film Making & Cookie Baking is all about!


My name is Danielle. I live in Southern California, the South Bay to be exact.
I am a filmmaker, pastry chef, amateur gardener, amateur chef, urban chicken keeper, want to be homesteader, and crafter.

I work as a Script Supervisor for film, TV, Commercials, etc. I have been doing this since I was 17 and I love it!!
Click here to see what I do and where I’ve been working!

Since I was young my Grandmother taught me a love of cooking and baking, I always wanted to go to Culinary School to gain more knowledge of the craft, back in 2010 I found a way to do that. I found a school called Epicurian in west Los Angeles (they no longer exist), that had a weekend program. It was a certification program rather than a degree, which is all I was looking for.
I took two classes with them, first in 2010 their Pro Baking 1, then in 2011 Pro Chef 1. The experience was incredible! I learned more then I ever imagined possible and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do so. Check out what we’ve been baking here.

Not long after this my friend Nicolle and I started Elle and Olle’s Goodies and Noms (our website seriously needs updating, sorry)

In 2011, I started following food and homesteading blogs, this was a world I knew very little about at the time. When 2012 rolled around I knew it was time to get a couple chickens and start a garden. So…. In spring of 2012 I built some raised beds and started a small organic garden. It has been a trial and error experience but very rewarding. You can see all this here.

Also in spring of 2012 my roommate and I built our chicken coop and got 3 little chicks. Having chickens in the city is a slightly odd thing in my circle but everyone is getting on board now that they are getting fresh eggs! You can see my coop and the hens here.

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