Easter Wreath

Okay so I still don’t really have an eye for this cute wreath thing but I’m happy with how it came out for now. Hopefully as I keep decorating my wreath I will get a better eye for how to make it look spectacular! Here it is!







Please let me know what you think! And what you think could be done differently!!

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Valentine’s day wreath

Back in November I posted my fall wreath. It is this great burlap wreath I found on a blog and made. After fall I redecorated it for Christmas and now it’s all ready for Valentine’s day!


I bought the adorable cupcake stickies and beads at Joann’s



Lindsey made me these crazy awesome pipe cleaner decorations for it! (But I need to get safety pins to attach them)




After they are attached I promise to post the pictures here!


Also check out:
Sister site: Craft Making and Drag Racing

Lindsey’s Jewelry: Hard Wear by Lindsey (Awesome stuff)

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Are you doing any V-day decorating? I would love to see!

Car trash bag

Lindsey saw that I needed a trash bag in my car and made me one, she rocks! Here is her post about making it.


After she gave it to me I set out to make the cardboard insert for it.

I took a cardboard box and started cutting it up to fit.




Next I taped it together (I’m wasn’t very careful to keep my tape neat)




Last I put a bag in the insert and put the insert in the bag.



I stashed two extra bags in the sides and put it in the car.



Thanks Lindsey!!! I love it 🙂

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Lindsey’s Jewelry: Hard Wear by Lindsey (Awesome stuff)

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Making new throw pillows for cheap


For years I have wanted to make an eclectic bunch of throw pillows for my bed. I am finally doing it. Here’s one I made today and how I did it! My sewing skills are very poor, I haven’t sewn anything in almost 10 years. If I can do this anyone can!

I wanted to make these cheap and eclectic so I bought remnants at Jo-Ann’s for 50% off. I only bought ones that were at least 3/4 yard.

After I bought them I figured out how many pillows I could get out of each remnant and what sizes I was hoping for. So each one I cut what I could from it, some I got enough squares for an 18 inch and a 16, some only a 16 inch and a 12 inch. I just looked at how I could get the most out of each remnant and went with it.


I made this one last week but without a zipper the fourth side looked pretty terrible.



So, Lindsey sent me this link to this clutch tutorial, and I bought zippers! (Zippers don’t cost to much but i waited until I had a coupon)

I used the tutorial to add scraps (left over from another project) of bias tape (extra wide double fold) to the ends of the zipper.




Next I attached it to the first side of the pillow.



Then I attached the second pillow side. I chose to have the stripes go opposite.



After the zipper is completely attached make sure it’s inside out, pin, and sew the other sides as you normally would.
(I kept the zipper open for this step)
Sew one side at a time until all sides are done.






Flip it right side out.
Add pillow form.
And zip!






The ways I kept this project at a lower cost were:
*Buying remnants (which were 50% off)
*Using scraps of bias tape (or scrap fabric folded like bias tape)
*Only buying a 2 neutral color threads, (It personally doesn’t bother me if the thread on the 4th side shows, as long as it doesn’t completely clash)
*Buying the pillow forms on sale or with a coupon, this is by far the most expensive part!
You could recover outdated pillows or use a cheaper batting material also.

That’s all and now you have a new pillow for your home! I will post others as I make them.




20130109-181808.jpg(The one with the writing I bought! The rest I made)

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Lindsey’s Cheesy Cheez-Its Chicken & Bottle Cap Wreath Ornaments

Hello, faithful followers! The Infamous Lindsey here for a guest post. I recently, and very happily, made some breaded chicken with a twist (that I came up with myself!) and bottle cap wreath ornaments (that I found on Pinterest)! I kinda forgot to take pictures of the chicken though… heheh, oopsy. Anyways, on to the goodies!

Lindsey’s Cheesy Cheez-Its Chicken

½ box of Cheez-Its (or your favorite cheesy crackers); smooshed to bits
3 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
1 tsp dill
½ tsp garlic salt
pepper to taste (I used Montreal steak seasoning, but it’s up to you)

3 tbsp oil
2 tsp garlic oil (or a clove or two of minced/smooshed garlic)
1 vegetable Knorr® Homestyle Stock™

1) Preheat oven to 350° F. Mix oils/garlic with the stock starter and pour into the baking pan that’s gonna fit your chicken making sure to cover the whole bottom. Add extra oil as necessary.

2) Combine breading ingredients in a dish or container and cover chicken with it. Place chicken in the pan and put some extra crumblies on top to make sure it’s well covered and ready to be crispy. If you want, some shredded parmesan on top is super scrumptious.

3) Bake for 20 minutes, flip chicken (maybe add more parmesan… yum!), and bake for another 20 – 25 minutes or until chicken is done.

That’s all there is to it! Super easy and super tasty. I recommend scraping all the gooey Cheez-Its leftovers off the bottom of the pan and snacking on them before anyone else can! My dad actually said it was awesome. Normally he just grunts and shrugs like a teenage boy… Proof that this is the bestest chicken ever! On to the crafty goodies!

(UPDATE FROM DANIELLE @ Filmmakingandcookiebaking-
Lindsey and I made this last week for a small dinner party and my house.

Here is the yummy, yummy chicken.


Sharp Chedder Mac & Cheese (with a little of the cheez-it breading on top.)


Sautéed zucchini squash with garlic, pepper, seasoning salt, & dill)


Loaded mashed red potatoes.


Ceme brûlée Cheesecake.


Bottle Cap Wreath Ornaments

glue gun
7 bottle caps (all the same or mix it up)
ÂĽ inch thick ribbon that matches or contrasts (whatever floats your boat)


1) Arrange and tack together caps with a dot of glue on the back. Flip over and tack between caps as well for a bit of strength. Try not to make it seen, but if it is the ribbon will cover it later.


2) Snip approximately Âľ inch long bits of ribbon. You’ll need 7 of them. Glue as shown in the next picture… Not entirely sure how to explain it, but it works I swear. If the ribbon is taut, it keeps the wreath together better than just the glue.


3) Loop ribbon at wherever the top of your wreath is for a way to hang it all ornament-like and secure it with glue. (This pic is actually from the finished product so you can also kind of see how I wrapped and secured the ribbon… kind of… as well as the nifty gift tag I made)


4) Wrap ribbon around wreath between the caps to cover any glue dots that may be seen on the front and strategically glue in place on the back as you go. The back doesn’t look entirely too pretty after, but the front is adorable.


5) Add a bow to the front and you’re done. I cheated and made the bow by tacking the ribbon with glue instead of trying to tie it. I added a clear piece of really thin plastic (card stock or construction paper would work too) to the back for a gift tag, but that’s only necessary if it’s a gift or you want to record the year it was made.


Well, folks, that’s all I’ve got for ya today. Hopefully I’ll be back soon for another guest post or for more kitchen adventures with Danielle. Until then, happy cooking and crafting to all and to all a good night. ;P

Covered Pumpkins for decorating



When I was decorating for fall with Lindsey, I really wanted to make these covered Dollar Store pumpkins I saw on The Southern Institute Blog . We got all the stuff and covered four different ones.

1- Thick Twine
2- Fall covered yarn
3- Burlap
4- Paper ( I tried scrapbook but it was too thick, so we switched to an awesome tissue paper we found)

Here is the yarn one, Lindsey started it using Mod Podge. She had to go part way though and I actually ended up using hot glue to finish it.


Here is the twine covered one, using a hot glue gun.


Here are all four! With various accents from the craft store to finish them.
The burlap was attached with hot glue, and the tissue with mod podge.












Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Wreath

New burlap wreath all decorated for fall.


I love this wreath! I found this tutorial on Pinterest from Top This Top That. It is a fun, cheap, easy burlap wreath that can be used year round. I made mine a couple weeks ago just in time for fall.




It is hung from a Command hook, upside down on the inside back of the door. Not to do any damage and to hide the way it’s hung.

I got the burlap from Home Depot (cheaper than craft stores), then bought the flowers and fall leaves from Michaels. So much fun!!



I would love to see how you decorated for fall!