Banana “Pancakes” Gluten free


My new friend Jessie texted me today to show me her recipe for Banana “Pancakes”. She came over and made them with Lindsey, Nicolle, & I. They are gluten free, completely flour free pancakes, almost more of a crepe.

The ratio is 1.5 Banana to every 2 eggs. Depending on how much you want to make.

• Slice up you banana. I think we did 6 bananas.20130120-225841.jpg20130120-225851.jpg

• Put your bananas in a bowl and add eggs. (We had 6 bananas so we used 8 eggs.)

• Mash them together, leaving some medium/small chunks.

• Oil your griddle very well, Coconut oil is best. Though coconut oil will start to scorch if it gets to hot.

• Cook them like a pancake. Keeping the griddle well greased throughout.


• Cover a plate with paper towels for excess oil.


We ate ours without any syrup or toppings and they rocked! Though they would be good with honey or jam as well.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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