Super Bowl Sunday and Taxes

Sunday started off at the Corner Store in San Pedro with Lindsey and Jessie then a walk by the ocean, it was awesome!


After we parted ways I went home to finish my tax paperwork, I hate getting all the totals ready for my tax man but I do love getting it out of the way as soon as everything comes in the mail.

Because I work on so many different shows I get a stack of W-2’s and 1099’s, this is just from one payroll company!


I have to do long form taxes, I’ve been doing it this way since I was 17. It takes weeks to get everything together! Luckily a few years ago I worked for my incredible friend Christina Flowers, who is a CPA and because of her I learned so much about taxes and bookkeeping! This has made my life so much easier, now I use quicken (she taught me quickbooks, but quicken is cheaper for personal use) to download all my accounts, and then I can go through and categorize the things I need to write off, so much easier! Although this year I didn’t keep up the downloading often enough and had to manually enter 4 months worth of transactions.

Sunday before and during the Superbowl I settled at my desk…


And I finished adding to quicken, scanned everything else, and filled out the “organizer” my tax man sends me.
It’s all ready to email to them now, I am sooooo glad! Now I just need them to answer their phone so I can send it, lol.

This is the stack I have to keep for my records, so much stuff!


All the while I was watching the game, I tend to wait until the playoffs to pay attention to football but I LOVE watching the Superbowl. Here’s my roommate’s super bowl breakfast.

20130204-222250.jpg He decided my big tv “burtha” wasn’t good enough so he brought out his tv and set it up in front of burtha, weirdo. 🙂

Near the end of the game sometime in the 4th quarter I had finished my taxes, yay!! And we headed to our favorite hookah spot to watch the last 3 minutes (which was more like a half hour) and meet friends! It was a great night with good people.

I was bummed the 49ers didn’t pull off their comeback but all in all the 2nd half was awesome.


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Organizing recipes


Recently I moved my living room around to help it feel a bit more open. In doing that I also packed away some of my less used cookbooks so the (cook)book shelf looked less cluttered and more open as well. (Most of my less ‘baking related’ cookbooks are above my fridge.)



Once that was done it was time to finally organize all the random recipes I had all over: from culinary school, the Internet, my grandmother, and from friends.



#1 I grabbed a four pack of new 3 ring binders from Costco.

#2 – I put scrapbook paper in the front and side of the binder.

#3 – I gathered up the dividers and page protectors and set to work.

I starred with the recipes from Pastry school and culinary school since they were already started.
Here is the one from pastry school.


This one is from culinary, not as pretty but functional for now. (Some of the recipe packets seem to still be MIA, I’m hoping they are in my papers from before my last move) – (sadly this class was never finished due to circumstances with the school management)

Here is my binder for printed recipes, all the ones from the Internet and friends.
(I need about a million for page protectors for this one.)

Categories I’m thinking:
Breakfast, savory.
Breakfast, sweet.
Breakfast, breads.
Yeast bread.
Cake and cupcakes.
Cake planning.
Misc, baked goodies. (Snack cakes, bars, etc.)
Egg doughs. (Pâté a Choux, etc)
Meals, Chicken.
Meals, Beef.
Meals, Pork.
Meals, Pasta.
Meals, Fish.
Meals, Misc.
Freezer cooking.
(I’m sure there will be more, but that’s it for now)


And last a binder of my favorite recipes from my incredible Grandmother. She has been done just over ten years now and everyday I still miss cooking and baking with her. (This one still needs a lot of work, I will work on it as the week goes on.)

I’m so glad most of that is done, and I can once again find recipes when I need them. There is still work to do but I’m so happy they will all have nice looking organized binders.

How do you organize your recipes? What categories do you use? I would love to hear your stories!

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