Film Making: What is a Script Supervisor


What is a Script Supervisor and how do we aid in Filmmaking?

I learned to script supervise from the late Robert Gary in 2005. He was an incredible man that had an amazing career. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

So here is what I do:

1- Create a log for the editors and assistant editors to use when cutting the media together.

2- Make notes on the script page to show what has been covered and how much coverage there is.

3- Work with the actors to get the dialogue as close to the script as possible. And help track dialogue changes from the writers.

4- Supervise all of the continuity. (ie: correct clothes, correct props, etc)
But most especially the continuity within the scene.
(ie: what the actor/actress is holding, when they stand, when they take a drink, etc.)

5- Provide the scene number for the camera and sound departments for the slate (aka Clapper).

6- Provide the editor with notes from the director. (favorite takes, what shot the scene should start with, etc.)

This job holds a lot of responsibly and great attention to detail.

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