Doggy Day Care

Saturday I decided to start looking for some doggy day care places for Echo. The one near me that I’ve always known of seemed to be closed today even though their Yelp said they should’ve been open, so I reviewed their Yelp page further and found some of the reviews to be not quite what I was looking for. But what I did find was another doggy day care near me that I didn’t know existed!


It’s called Camp Run-a-Mutt, and it’s amazing! I decided to stop by there and see if I could view their facilities, I found a beautiful outdoor cage-free facility and an amazing staff, exactly what I was hoping for!


Before they take on new dogs you have to do it temperament test to see if your dog will acclimate well with all of the other dogs they have. So I found out the requirements for shot records etc. and scheduled my temperament test for echo for later that afternoon.


After I picked Lindsey up we took Echo back to Camp Run-a-Mutt for her temperament test. One of the staff members Took Echo back into another room into a fenced area while we watched on a television.


The staff member worked with Echo for a few minutes on leash and then they let one dog into the pen, After a few minutes they let Echo off leash and slowly added dogs into the mix. They had a big dogs, small dogs, various energy levels… Etc. As we are watching I could tell Echo was doing pretty well but she did get kind of excited when one of the smaller dogs was added.

After about 15 to 20 minutes I was told that Echo had passed and they asked if I wanted her to stay for couple hours. Since it was only a couple hours till they closed they even let her stay for free! Plus we get a discount on her first trip back in.



They have this cool platform inside so owners can look out the window to the play yard! So before we left we watched Echo get acclimated for a little bit.



She seemed like she was doing great so we took off to find some lunch. But while your dogs there you can check up on them – they have five doggy-cams on their website which is great!! This is what I saw…



20130323-235125.jpg Then I saw this, i got concerned but they were just playing


Once it was getting close to closing time we went back and picked her up, but we watched a bit first and talked to the owner for a bit (she’s great).




Echo came home happy and exhausted and I can’t wait to use them often while I’m work crazy hours!


Do you use a doggy daycare? What do you do to keep your dogs exercised and happy while you work?

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