Chicken proofing the garden

Recently my girls decided to eat my potato plant growing in the backyard. I have read that chickens tend to avoid plants that are poisonous to them, apparently mine are not that smart. The leaves and stems on potatoes are poisonous to us and them. Luckily they survived their consumption of the plant. Here it is after it bounced back from them. 20130508-193425.jpg

After this and planting more of my spring garden I decided fencing was desperately needed. So Lindsey and I set out on this mission! 20130508-194454.jpg

You can see the old fencing on the right that I was using, the chickens went right through it. 20130508-193946.jpg20130508-194717.jpg

We used 2×4’s as posts. We built every other section into a 3ft x 3ft frame of 2×2 wood so it will open. Then we chicken wired everything.
20130508-194052.jpg 20130508-194614.jpg20130508-194634.jpg20130508-194559.jpg20130508-194705.jpg20130508-195210.jpg

The next day we built the smaller one where my lettuce is now for them summer. 20130508-195433.jpg20130508-195446.jpg



After both areas were done I decided to add 1×2 to the top of all the sections that don’t open to add stability. ( since we didn’t cement the posts in)




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