Getting A Dog used to long days at doggy day care

This week I have been thinking about how to get my Echo used to spending long days at Camp Run-a-Mutt doggy day care. 20130328-171103.jpg
This weekend I posted about her first time there, I almost took her on Tuesday but I realized that would mean she was stuck there twelve and a half hours and that seems like too much too fast. She loves to sleep too much… 20130328-170437.jpg
She has always spent so much time just sleeping while we all work, that shes used to it now. When i come home after 12-16 hours she doesnt jump right out of bed, she lays there wagging her tail, stretches, and waits for us to coax her out of bed. 20130328-171846.jpg
So instead of sending her suddenly into a 12.5 hour day there I decided to work up to it. Last weekend she was there for 3 hours, today (since I’m off) I’m going to take her for 6 hours. If she does well with that then next week I will take her for a whole day while I’m at work. Hopefully she will quickly get used to going some of the days I work and will be happy not to be stuck at home all the time and the other days she can relish in sleeping all day.

Yesterday morning while I was home she even curled up, passed out, and started snoring as soon she finished breakfast.


Have you done this before? What was your strategy with your dog ?

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