Guarding her egg.

So far Starla has laid 4 eggs this week. Yet I haven’t eaten one yet! This morning I have friends coming over for brunch and we are going to try them today.

Yesterday she laid the egg in the run for the first time and was guarding it when I tried to take it.




This is the biggest egg by far. I can’t wait until my other two girls finally start laying.


This one (above) Lucy likes to scream at me, I keep worrying she’s going to upset the neighbors! She waits till I’m home and starts screaming to demand things (at least that’s how it seems) demanding to be let out, demanding at treat (lettuce or yogurt), food, or just to be a jerk I don’t know.

Friends with chickens, do your hens do this? My girls have never been around a rooster so I know they didn’t learn it that way.

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