Weekend ramblings…

This weekend was full of friends and cleaning.

Saturday Nicolle came over and we got started editing Rusty J’s next music video!!

20130211-234315.jpg ( I can’t tell you anymore about that, I’ve been sworn to secrecy, shh this is between us 😉

Sunday after church, Riley (my roommate) and I deep cleaned our floors, the kitchen got the most TLC, it looks so nice now!





Saturday – Thai with Lindsey and Riley!
Since I am trying to track calories more lately, I decided to try their incredible Garlic Salmon with sautéed spinach, yum! 20130211-233253.jpg Ooh but when you try this place you should try this…20130211-233445.jpg Ice cream surrounded by cake batter and coconut, then fried, it’s incredible! (I was good this weekend, Riley ate it)

Then I had the silly puppy that thinks my face should be her pillow…. 20130211-233716.jpg



Baking the Snickerdoodles posted yesterday!


Plus there’s always silly little chickens around


What did you do this weekend ? Was it nice and relaxing, or busy busy? I’d love to hear!

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