First off I apologize for the state of my coop in these pictures, (I’m cleaning it out today)

Last night I was showing a friend my chickens and their coop via a cell phone flashlight and found 5 eggs!


I really should have been checking the nesting boxes! The first week Starla was laying she laid on the coop floor or in the run (even though I have golf balls in the boxes). Everyday since I’ve checked twice a day and collected at least 1 egg everyday. So I was a bit shocked to find 5 eggs that appear to be from one of the my Red girls.

Counting these new 5, my girls have laid 20 eggs in 2 weeks! I’m so excited to finally be able to share them with friends and family 🙂


I marked the found 5 with an X since I will need to check them before they are eaten. Since they were not collected promptly they definitely need to be water tested. I will post this when I do it. It cannot be done until we are ready to eat them as doing this will disrupt the cuticle and ultimately let bacteria into the egg


What is your egg production difference from winter to summer? Is it minimal or extreme? How many eggs do you get per hen a day in the summer/winter?

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