Little chicks in their new home and some questions for fellow chicken keepers!


My little girls are approx 6 weeks old now! They are growing so fast.

I finally got the coop moved to its final spot which took 5 people since we were dumb and built it on the other side of the fence. We had to lift it up and over the fence. The neighbors came and helped my roommate, Eddie, and I move it. I bought everyone pizza and beer as a thank you.


Okay so here is where I really need your input!

From everything I have read when your chicks move to their coop they need to stay inside for two weeks not let into the run, so there learn where home is. Also to aid in them learning to go back in as evening falls, so I don’t have to go shoo them in every night.

It has been so hot here in southern California the coop seems too hot durning the day, so I have been opening the run door for them. By noon the first day in the coop they were ‘panting’ and had their wings half spread. I took this to mean they were too hot. What is you experience with this?

They have learned how to use the ramp and come and go from the coop to the run as they please. The first night they didn’t put themselves away, they huddled in a corner at the bottom of the ramp and I shooed them in. In the days since when I see they are all in the coop and it’s nearing evening I just close the door. Though I did still have a night where I came home late and one was still down in the run. I have cut extra vents in the coop to aid ventilation but I do not want to cut to many and make the coop drafty. I also have kept their brooder light in the coop until their feathers all Finnish coming in, but it’s only on after I close the run door. What have you found with your chicks learning their new coop and learning to put themselves inside at night?


Here is the other area I need input, aside from the pic below where Lucy is trying to walk onto the top of the door my little chicks haven’t really shown a desire to roost. They have the wood roost in the coop. Could it be to high for them? Or maybe they need a ramp?
I have also put a 1/2 inch PVC roost bar in the run ( pics shortly) and they will hop over it but don’t stay on it.


That’s all for now! Overall my girls seem happy and healthy and that’s all that really matters. I definitely appreciate your input and I would love to see your posts about your chickens!


Silly little chicks

My little pullets finally have names, this is Lucy and Ethel. And my little Barred Rock is Starla.


Last week my chicks turned 5 weeks and were quickly outgrowing their brooder, I knew it was time to move them to coop. But the day before I moved them I wanted them to get an hour or so in the yard.

They cracked me up, their personalities are already so strong!
Lucy and Ethel don’t like being apart, well I should say Ethel hates being away from Lucy. She started calling out for Lucy when she cannot see her. They are ridiculous.



When I first brought them out they ran around in a group with their wings half open, their beaks open, and clicking their tongues. This was new to me.



The funniest thing to me was that Lucy kept flying up to me and wanting to be in my face.






That’s all for now, tomorrow I will share their move to their new home.