Differences in Chicken feeds

This morning I’m headed to my favorite feed store to stock up on chicken feed, for my three girls every time I go I get 80 Lbs worth, they eat a lot!

This is where I go to get my favorite chicken feed, they rock! Feed Barn in Costa Mesa, CA

Here’s what I buy my girls, Soy Free Layer Feed from Scratch and Peck Feeds. Feed barn is the only place within 50 miles of me that carries this great feed from Washington state.




Soy Free Layer Feed (This is from their website about the feed.)

Description: Soy Free Layer is the complete diet for your laying hens. This is the final product in our poultry series intended to follow our Soy Free or Naturally Free Grower and Naturally Free Starter Feeds. This is a whole grain mash feed made with our specially formulated nutrient mix and contains No Soy . It does contain Non-GMO Verified Corn for an added boost of energy which is especially helpful in winter months.
Product Features:

No Soy
Fish Meal for extra protein to promote growth
All necessary Vitamins and Minerals for optimal health
Locally-sourced, Unprocessed Whole Grains!
Available in 25lb and 40lb bags. *Shipping limited to 25lb bag.
Ingredients: See feed label for complete list of ingredients. Scratch and Peck grains are Verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project and come directly from local farmers in the Pacific Northwest.


They also have this layer feed, it is their Naturally Free Layer Feed, Corn & Soy Free.



Another popular feed is from Modesto Milling. This feed is used by friends of mine that are in the process of getting Certified Organic Eggs.


They also have an Organic Soy Free layer feed. (I didn’t know they had this until just now! I may try a bag soon)


Both feeds are great, I prefer my girls only have soy free because soy isn’t exactly a normal part of a chickens diet plus I try to avoid soy myself, it’s in so many of our foods now! (You cant even find chocolate chips without soy anymore!)
My mother is completely soy free so my eggs are the only ones she can eat, as commercially chickens are feed normal chicken feeds that contain soy. Here is an article about soy, I have looked into It much further than this but there’s a quick look.

The reason I have sought out Scratch and Peck Feeds is that they keep the ingredient count lower and purer plus they are whole grain!! I love this about their feed and after researching tons of local(ish) feed company’s this is what ultimately won me over.


What do you feed your hens? Do you get pellets, crumbles, whole grain? Do you choose regular or organic? So you search out specialty feeds?

Please note! I am only discussing Layer feeds today, not chick starter, Grower, or Broiler feeds. As far as I know both company’s carry those as well, plus feeds for other animals but today I am only sharing Layer feeds.

***Also PLEASE NOTE, this is all my personal opinion and information from their websites i found. ‘Scratch and Peck Feeds’ and ‘Modesto Milling’ are not compensating me nor do they even know who I am. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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