Super Bowl Sunday and Taxes

Sunday started off at the Corner Store in San Pedro with Lindsey and Jessie then a walk by the ocean, it was awesome!


After we parted ways I went home to finish my tax paperwork, I hate getting all the totals ready for my tax man but I do love getting it out of the way as soon as everything comes in the mail.

Because I work on so many different shows I get a stack of W-2’s and 1099’s, this is just from one payroll company!


I have to do long form taxes, I’ve been doing it this way since I was 17. It takes weeks to get everything together! Luckily a few years ago I worked for my incredible friend Christina Flowers, who is a CPA and because of her I learned so much about taxes and bookkeeping! This has made my life so much easier, now I use quicken (she taught me quickbooks, but quicken is cheaper for personal use) to download all my accounts, and then I can go through and categorize the things I need to write off, so much easier! Although this year I didn’t keep up the downloading often enough and had to manually enter 4 months worth of transactions.

Sunday before and during the Superbowl I settled at my desk…


And I finished adding to quicken, scanned everything else, and filled out the “organizer” my tax man sends me.
It’s all ready to email to them now, I am sooooo glad! Now I just need them to answer their phone so I can send it, lol.

This is the stack I have to keep for my records, so much stuff!


All the while I was watching the game, I tend to wait until the playoffs to pay attention to football but I LOVE watching the Superbowl. Here’s my roommate’s super bowl breakfast.

20130204-222250.jpg He decided my big tv “burtha” wasn’t good enough so he brought out his tv and set it up in front of burtha, weirdo. 🙂

Near the end of the game sometime in the 4th quarter I had finished my taxes, yay!! And we headed to our favorite hookah spot to watch the last 3 minutes (which was more like a half hour) and meet friends! It was a great night with good people.

I was bummed the 49ers didn’t pull off their comeback but all in all the 2nd half was awesome.


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