First off I apologize for the state of my coop in these pictures, (I’m cleaning it out today)

Last night I was showing a friend my chickens and their coop via a cell phone flashlight and found 5 eggs!


I really should have been checking the nesting boxes! The first week Starla was laying she laid on the coop floor or in the run (even though I have golf balls in the boxes). Everyday since I’ve checked twice a day and collected at least 1 egg everyday. So I was a bit shocked to find 5 eggs that appear to be from one of the my Red girls.

Counting these new 5, my girls have laid 20 eggs in 2 weeks! I’m so excited to finally be able to share them with friends and family 🙂


I marked the found 5 with an X since I will need to check them before they are eaten. Since they were not collected promptly they definitely need to be water tested. I will post this when I do it. It cannot be done until we are ready to eat them as doing this will disrupt the cuticle and ultimately let bacteria into the egg


What is your egg production difference from winter to summer? Is it minimal or extreme? How many eggs do you get per hen a day in the summer/winter?

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Chickens, growing up


They are getting big so fast! I absolutely cannot wait for them to start laying.
Everyday I enjoy watching Lucy, Ethel, and Starla interact with each other and with our dog Echo ( especially Starla and Echo)


It’s been so hot here in Southern California that i started giving them lots of fruit, watermelon, strawberries, frozen grapes, and even tomatoes. They have run out of green grass in their run so now I’ve been giving them lettuce or letting them out to roam the yard and graze on the grass outside their run.


I would love to see your posts about your backyard flock, big or small!

The Run … Off my chicken coop



I realized I had not posted any pictures of the run off the coop! So here is how I have it set up right now …


I have the roost bar in there just to see if they will use it. Also to see if the like the PVC more than wood, since the coop has a wood roost in it.

Here’s more of my silly (not so little anymore) chicks.







I don’t have many good photos of Lucy and Ethel since they never seem to hold still but Starla is a ham.




Here’s Starla and Echo, durning the day they seem to always be face to face …. Echo wants to play with the chickens sooo badly, to bad she would play to rough. I hope to get her trained to the point they can all be free in the yard together with no concern.





I’ll leave you with a couple more photos.





I would love to hear about and see how you set up your coop runs!! Please feel free to share.