Dexter season 8 preview! The final season!


Anyone that’s followed me for a while knows how much I love working on Dexter with their amazing cast and crew. I’m so very sad this is the final Dexter season. It has been an amazing show for 7 seasons so far and now on June 30th it’s the beginning of the end. Here’s a preview of the season released last week.

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Back to Dexter … Season 8!


Today I got to go visit the Dexter crew, and work with them for a couple hours, oh how I have missed this group! My friend needed me to cover him for a couple hours so I went. They were shooting semi close to my house which made it even better. It was just so great to see everyone. Almost the whole cast was there today as well as the crew I have grown to know so well over many years.


Here are some shots from season 7, now that they’ve aired I can share with you some of the scenes I was there for!







My IMDB page

Rather than try to fill you in on what I have done as a Script Supervisor I want to share my IMDB page. This is definitely not a complete list of all the projects I have worked on but it’s a good start. This is an ever updating list and I will continue sharing what I am up to long before it appears on IMDB.

Just for fun here’s a few random photos from different shows.